SEQTA Engage

App – Available on the App Store (Apple and Android)

College to Parent Communication (Junior, Middle and Senior) – Daily notices, assessment feedback, class information, camp and excursion notes, etc.

SEQTA is a suite of software that includes SEQTA Engage (for parents), SEQTA Learn (for students in Year 5 and above) and SEQTA Teach (for staff). SEQTA Engage is a powerful tool that provides an overview of your child’s learning and assessments. When you are on the SEQTA Engage system, you will be able to:

• View your child’s timetable and subject information.
• Access end of term and end of semester reports.
• Read the school’s daily notices.
• View assessment task results and feedback.
• View your child’s homework tasks and upcoming deadlines (secondary students only)
• Access lesson content and resources (secondary students only)

The website for SEQTA Engage is engage.stmartins.sa.edu.au. If you are using Engage through a phone or tablet it is recommended that you install the SEQTA Engage app.

If you require any assistance accessing SEQTA Engage please contact the College using the email address: SEQTAHelpdesk@stmartins.sa.edu.au

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App – Available on the App Store (Apple and Android)

Teacher to Parent Communication (Junior) – Direct information from your child’s teacher, updates about class activities, etc.

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